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Polyester T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans United Kingdom


Polyester t-shirts may not be as popular as t-shirts made from cotton and other materials but they have their own advantages and can be very useful in many situations. Just some of the advantages that polyester has over other materials is that it is very lightweight, smooth and easily machine washable. Added to all of this, polyester is also a more affordable fabric on average especially when you order polyester t-shirts in bulk from Wordans. Perfect for a workout day or a relaxing day on the beach, our polyester t-shirts are incredibly adaptable and can be worn with any style for pretty much any occasion. Read on for more information about the polyester t-shirts available at Wordans.

Choose the Perfect Style for your Polyester T-shirt

Thanks to the many styles of polyester t-shirts available from Wordans you won’t be tied down to just one style. Our range of styles suit everybody from the athletic types to people just wanting some nice leisure clothes. We have short sleeved t-shirts, sport tees, Tank tops and V-necks just to name a few. Our sport t-shirts and tank tops are slightly more suited for physical activities such as running or yoga. Meanwhile, our normal short-sleeved t-shirt and v-necks can be used for practically every occasion even if it is just sitting inside and watching T.V.

Wordans Cheap Polyester T-shirts Come in Many Different Brands

It's fair to say that customers appreciate having as many brand options to choose from as possible. At Wordans we’ve taken this into account and are proud to collaborate with numerous brands we believe produce high-quality polyester t-shirts. Upon browsing through our polyester t-shirt collection you will find reputable brands such as Sol’s, Gildan, Tombo, Spiro and Promodoro. Spiro in particular is known for producing excellent athletic and gym wear which you find at the cheapest prices when purchased in bulk from Wordans. Sol’s is also a well established brand known for producing comfortable and well-made clothing.

You Can Find Different Options When Purchasing Our Wholesale Polyester T-shirts

When shopping with Wordans your options don’t stop at just styles and brands Customers looking for polyester t-shirts can search for high stock t-shirts, tagless, tear away tags and machine washable at 60°C items. This way you can choose which t-shirts to purchase based on your needs. An example would be if you wanted to start your own brand then purchasing tagless and tear away tag items would be more of a priority for you. Another option for some of our polyester t-shirts is to customise the t-shirt with a graphic like a company logo or slogan. Again, for any entrepreneurs looking to release a new clothing brand this could be the perfect option for you.

Find the Colour and Size to Suit You

No one likes to find a nice t-shirt only to realise its only available in a limited amount of colours and sizes, especially if none of them suit you. If you use Wordans as a wholesale supplier of clothing then this is an issue you will never have to encounter. We are well stocked in a vast number of colours and sizes so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Some of our polyester t-shirt colours include french navy, dark pink and white. Being well-stocked on sizes is just as, if not more important because every customer deserves to find a garment that fits them. We try our best to offer as many sizes as possible with our polyester t-shirts available for bulk purchase from XS all the way to 5XL.