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Messenger bags wholesale and retail

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Messenger bags wholesale and retail

at Wordans United Kingdom

Cheap Messenger Bags Available at Wordans

It's hard to think of a more practical everyday item than the messenger bag. It can be used as easily in formal settings as it could be in casual settings. It really is a timeless design that has grown back into popularity over the last few years. So what are you waiting for, get your business stocked up on messenger bags we have available for bulk order on Wordans.
If it's a case you wish to buy customised messenger bags for your employees or team then our messenger bags are perfect for that. If you wish to order in bulk, contact our sales team for a personalised quote today.

Continue reading to learn a few of the reasons why you should choose Wordans for your messenger bag needs.

Choose from a Range of Brands in bulk

At Wordans, we think it's vital you have a variety of brands to choose from for the product you need. For messenger bags it's no different, our selection of brands for messenger bags all vary in terms of designs, sizes, prices and materials to give you and your customers all the choices you need. Some of the brands that manufacture our messenger bags include: Bagbase, Quadra and Sol’s.

If it's high-quality messenger bags you want to buy in bulk then perhaps there's no better place than us here at Wordans. We can ship all over the UK and worldwide from our many warehouses located throughout the region.

Available in many colours

A selection of our messenger bags at Wordans come with a choice of colour which can be seen on the product page. These colour options can range from loud red tones to slightly more modest navy options. If you want the colour to match the theme of your business or team then we can make that happen.

We offer cheap prices

We at Wordans want to make sure that business owners can get the wholesale clothing products they need for cheap prices. Our low prices for bulk clothing products means you can fairly mark-up the price for your customers and they end up paying a fair price in the end. It's a situation where everybody wins. If you wish to make an order contact our sales team for your quote today.

High Quality Materials

At Wordans, we are proud of the quality fabrics used for making these messenger bags. The quality materials used ensures the bags are durable yet eye-catching and stylish. Some of our messenger bags are made from 100% polyurethane which gives them the look and feel of an expensive full grain leather bag. These bags are perfect for people who need to carry things to work but don't want a briefcase. Other messenger bags available for wholesale purchase are made from canvas fabric. Canvas is known for being tightly woven which makes it very durable and lasting. Polyester is another material used for our messenger bags, it's a fabric that creates a very lightweight bag that is easy to clean.

It's worth mentioning that all our messenger bags have the advantage of being fully customisable upon purchase. Be it for personalised gifts or for promotional reasons you can add whatever logos, images and text you like to our messenger bags and truly make it your own.

To Wrap it up

Take advantage of our terrific offers on messenger bags just as they are coming back into fashion. If it's for employee gifts, to stock your own retail business or any other reason then you’ve come to the right place at Wordans.