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at Wordans United Kingdom

BagBase is largely popular for its variety of on-trend handbags, travel cases, tote bags, and backpacks, combining fresh new trends with timeless originals to create best-selling classics. The brand prides itself on providing products that celebrate identity, style, and colour, creating collections for those who are not afraid of making a statement. Order any accessory from BagBase at Wordans today and enjoy massive discounts on bulk purchases!

Bagbase Makes Vacation Bags

At Wordans, you can find the ultimate Bagbase bag for your dream vacation. Their original barrel bags are spacious enough to carry everything you need for your trip. They can accommodate a plethora of useful items without being bulky, thanks to their medium dimensions and convenient 20-litre capacity. What’s more, these travel bags are designed with canvas handles and made of 100% polyester, making them extremely resistant to the elements. The use of large zips helps to provide additional protection to your items, and you can add the detachable shoulder straps when handling the bag for greater comfort.

Cheap Bagbase Bags for Daily Use

Wordans has a wide collection of Bagbase bags that are ideal for everyday life. This includes our waist bags made of pure 600D polyester canvas, which are virtually unnoticeable when strapped around the waist due to their unique banana shape that spreads across the width. These banana bags are extremely versatile, as they feature numerous compartments for storing different gadgets depending on their importance and usefulness, e.g. the large front primary pocket and the zippered back pocket. They also come with an adjustable waist size, so you can secure them to your waist without worrying about your valuables being tossed around.

Bagbase’s Versatile Pouches

Looking for a multi-purpose ladies’ Bagbase accessory kit? Wordans has your back. We have a large stock of pouches that come in a wide range of colours to suit different personalities. Our pouches have a wide base that can comfortably balance on a desk or other piece of furniture while displaying personalised effigies and logos on both sides. The latter is made possible by the tearaway detachable label that is meant for personalised re-labeling. Wordans women Bagbase pouches can hold an array of miscellaneous items like office supplies, purses, and beauty accessories. You can also use them for different purposes, whether you are going to work or on a date. They have a refined and authentic design that complements a variety of outfits, both formal and casual. They are especially great if you have a tendency to frequently change bags. All you need to do is assemble your essential gadgets such as mobile phones and keys to make sure you don’t leave them behind.

Wholesale Bagbase Shopping Bags

Wordans shopping bags come with a spacious printing surface and a large compartment for carrying numerous items. Some are designed with a long handle for conveniently carrying on your shoulder. Combine with a pair of sunglasses and a casual outfit for an elegant look.

Bagbase Gym Bags for Gym Goers

Get cheap Bagbase gym bags at Wordans at an incredible discount. We have premium gym bags that can hold most of your items without tiring you out, making them also great for shopping. Once you have loaded your items, simply strap it over your shoulder or on your back and the weight of the contents will cause it to automatically close. You can adjust the ropes to your desired length, thanks to the presence of nickel-plated bronze eyelets and reinforced corners. You don’t even have to worry about accidental humidity or rain water penetrating inside, because these bags typically use waterproof materials.

Bagbase Backpacks to Help You on your Journey

Wordans Bagbase backpacks are known for their practicality. Equipped with large dimensions and convenient straps, our Bagbase backpacks are perfect for creating any type of look you want, whether it is sporty, modern, casual, urban, or schoolboy. They can also carry almost anything, including your accessories, clothes, etc. Other interesting features include an elegant designer flap that covers every closure, two adjustable straps and a rather large zipped front pocket, as well as a curved primary pocket with a pair of hooked closures.