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Travel Bags wholesale and retail

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Travel Bags wholesale and retail

at Wordans United Kingdom

Find cheap Travel Bags available wholesale at Wordans

Travelling can be a frustrating experience especially if you aren't fully prepared. Finding the perfect bag to carry your luggage is just one of those things to prepare. You won’t find a better way to travel in style than with the Travel Bags we have available wholesale at Wordans. We provide cheap yet high-quality travel bags to accommodate all forms of travel including air, sea, road or by foot.

The following are just some of the reasons why you should choose Wordans to supply travel bags for your business.

Our wholesale travel bags are made using excellent fabrics

Durability, reliability and comfort are just some of the characteristics we look for in a good travel bag. Unfortunately finding a travel bag that lasts the test of time has become somewhat rarer but not at Wordans. Our travel bags available in bulk are made using Cotton, Polyester or some blend between the two in order to give a soft finish to a heavy duty bag. The 600D Polyester used on many of our Travel Bags is a tough and versatile fabric that will offer the durability of more expensive fabrics but at a fraction of the cost.

Elsewhere we have Travel Bags made from heavy cotton fabrics such as denim and canvas. While canvas is generally considered the more durable material between the two and is also naturally water-resistant, denim has its own advantages in that it is quite resistant to tears and creases.

Our choice of brands is unmatched at cheap prices

Here at Wordans, we give you a large pool of brands to choose from because we believe each can offer their own unique style and personality to our product list. Choice is freedom and that's something we certainly value with our travel bags. Just some of the brands that are available include: Westford Mill, Sol’s, Bagbase, Black & Match and Quadra.

Each of these brands does a great job of diversifying our product line and offering a new unique design of a Travel Bag. So if you have a brand in mind you would like to see in your store or business, reach out to our sales team and they can offer you a quote on your order.

Great colour options

The next thing to look out for when buying a travel bag is what colour to get it in. The traditional navy or black are of course in our collection but we have many other options if you want to add a bit of spice to your travel style. From classic reds to mustard and military green to pastel pinks we have just about a colour for everyone with our travel bag collection.

Variety of Styles

If you are an apparel or luggage store looking to stock up on Travel bags then we recommend you order them in many different styles. Depending on what type of travel you are planning to do you will need a different style of travel bag. Between shoulder bags, wheelie bags, sports bags, barrel bags and travel pouches, Wordans has you covered for many different styles.
As was mentioned before, it's hard to estimate the demand for each style of travel bag because they all have different uses. That's why it's best to cover all bases and bulk order a number of styles so that your customer can find exactly what they need at your business.

Our sales team is alway there to take any questions you may have or if you need a personalised quote for your order.