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at Wordans United Kingdom

Few stores have been able to carve out and dominate a niche in fashion as successfully as Gildan Brands has. Since 1984, this company has been on an ever-forward journey to change the face of large scale manufacturing by producing high-quality legwear, socks, and general clothing for their customers. Today, Wordans is home to various Gildan blank apparel products. So, if you have been considering a wholesale order of Gildan wear, we suggest looking no further than Wordans.

Cheap and Bulk Gildan Blank Apparel Products to Match All Your Needs

Throughout the years, Gildan has been able to increase their manufacturing base, allowing them to offer a more diverse set of products. At Wordans, you can benefit from this diversity by heading into our Gildan apparel range, where we offer various styles and designs that are bound to fit your needs. It does not matter if you are looking for Gildan t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts or tank-tops, Wordans has it all.

Our Gildan blank apparel range is also overflowing with an assortment of products for men, women, and kids. So, if you currently run a fashion brand and have been searching for a complete range of products for your store, you can always start and stop at our Gildan line. The items in this range are also available in various sizes, with several products running up to 5XL. So, you can always have peace of mind that nobody will be left out of your wholesale order when shopping with Wordans. Finding a matching colour to fit your brand identity or vision is also not a problem with our Gildan offerings, as several items are available in at least ten unique colours.

Customise Gildan With Wordans

While all Gildan items on our shelves begin their lives as plain and blank, they do not have to leave the same. Wordans offers an unbeatable customisation feature for various Gildan products, including the ultimate Gildan hoodies. Using this tool, you can quickly add a digital or screen print straight onto your item.

This feature means that any product you customise with us at Wordans will be good to go from day one, and you will no longer need to go through the hassle of adding some images or text onto your items after already purchasing them.

Our customisation tool is an excellent addition for enterprises and schools that want to add their company name, logo, or school badge onto their clothes before dishing them out to their students and employees. Fashion houses will also benefit from this tool as they can add unique designs onto their items before receiving them, which should help make their product line stand out more. Businesses running events have also become great fans of this feature since we introduced it to our Gildan range. This tool has allowed them to print their event title directly onto the items they offer to their attendees. Customisation helps create a more personal feel to their event while acting as a long-lasting memento to remember in future years.

Wordans is Home to High-Quality Gildan Wholesale

There is no better place to acquire wholesale or bulk clothing items and accessories than with us at Wordans. Our team works consistently to deliver high-quality products to all our customers in North America, Oceania, and here in Europe. Since our inception, we have entered long-term and fruitful partnerships with various brands, such as Gildan, to offer as many products from them as possible. If you have been considering a wholesale order of Gildan items for your store, employees, or upcoming event, then Wordans is the best place for you. Feel free to add whatever you like to your cart and kickstart your journey with us.