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Sport Bags wholesale and retail

at Wordans United Kingdom

Sports Bags available wholesale at Wordans

There’s times where you just have too much sports equipment for your normal bag. On the way to the gym, basketball or football practice you need something big enough to carry all of your items in one. That's where sports bags come in. Sports bags take all the hassle out of carrying your items to and from sporting activities as they have a large amount of space and many compartments to offer. So if you own a sports apparel store or maybe just want to treat people to some sports bags then Wordans is the place for you. We can offer a variety of sports bags for wholesale at unbelievably cheap prices.

To follow will be some of the reasons why Wordans is the ideal place to buy sports bags in bulk.

Top Quality Materials

Our brands use the best quality materials for sports bags to ensure durability over the long term and comfort when carrying the bag. Most of the bags are made using 600D and or 400D polyester which is one of the ultimate lightweight fabrics that also contributes to durability. Other fabrics utilised in our selection of sports bags include: Nylon, Wool and Cotton. Nylon, like polyester, is also relatively lightweight yet durable. It also has the benefit of being waterproof and easily machine washable to help you out when it comes to cleaning the bag.
Cotton and wool are slightly different materials as they may not be as rigid as nylon or polyester but they are both naturally sustainable materials that give bags a soft and comfortable texture.

Our choice of brands for wholesale sports bags

We wanted to give you a large selection of brands to choose from when buying sport bags in bulk from us at Wordans. These brands have been carefully chosen by our team so that you know you will receive high-quality goods from a trusted supplier. Each brand offers their own unique designs and styles of sports bags so you will be able to select which ones you like the best and offer them to your customers. Just some of the brands we have available include: Bagbase, Quadra, Stormtech, Sol’s and Label Serie.

We can offer a variety of colours and designs for cheap prices

Now that we’ve dealt with the materials and the brand of the bag we can look at the aesthetic side of things. The colour of your sports bags is an important consideration to make. We are pleased to offer a wide range of colours to match any sports team or stylish gym goer. Some of our products even offer a mix and match of colours so that you can order it exactly how you desire. From ocean blue to bold red and yellow, there is no shortage of colours to personalise how your sports bags should look. Some Quadra bags available allow for a tri colour selection which makes for a very stylish and complete looking sports bag. Some of the tri colours available for selection include: Royal Blue/Black/White, Red/Black/White and Fuchsia/Black/Light Grey.

Just like colours, one has many options on the style of sports bag they desire. From duffel bags to bowling bags and barrel bags to dance bags we have a style to suit every activity for these bags. The dancing and bowling bags available at Wordans are retro styled meaning you can look fashionable just about everywhere you bring it.

If you have a specific style or brand in mind for your order then reach out to one of our sales team who will provide a quote on your order.