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Bag Base

at Wordans United Kingdom


Bagbase has been a leading source of bags and carry-ons for everyday users for over 20 years. Since they kickstarted their journey, they have continued to push the boundaries of fashion, and their bags now sit on thousands of shoulders across the world. It does not matter whether you need a bag for the gym, school, or a casual day out with friends in your city, Bagbase has something for you, and Wordans is the best place to get cheap Bagbase bags. Our website features a variety of bags from this brand that you can recieve in the fastest times possible, thanks to our local network of warehouses that mean our Bagbase bags are delivered directly from the UK. So, not only will you benefit from the shortest possible waiting times, when shopping with us you won't have to worry about paying duties or import fees.

Cheap Bagbase Bags

Bagbase drives itself on a mission to meet customers where they are. This desire to appeal to a broad base is one of the core reasons this company continues to offer a wide variety of bags for everyday customers. At Wordans, we also share this vision of bringing bags to as many people as possible. So, you can expect to find several types of Bagbase bags on our shelves, including barrel bags, drawstring rucksacks, and the original backpack.
Retail fashion houses that desire more subtle or smaller bags will also admire this collection. This range has several waist and mini bags that fit snugly around the body or comfortably on the arm. Our Bagbase collection is also teeming with various accessory bags that your customers will find easy to use for travel or holding items, such as cards and tablets.

Find a Bag that Matches Your Vision With Bagbase

We understand that bags do more than only carry our things, as they also act as a fashion statement and an extension of our outfit. Today, most people don’t just look for any bag. Instead, they are looking for the perfect bag.
If you have been searching for a wholesale set of bags that will match your identity and appeal to all your customers or staff, then we believe there is no better place to start than our Bagbase collection. This range is overflowing with various styles that can suit several needs without sacrificing quality.
Most of the bags in this lineup are also available in a broad set of colours, with several carry-ons having as many as 15 unique colour options. This variety means that finding an item that aligns with your brand should always be a piece of cake.

Make it Your Own With Our Customisation Features

Although we always favour blank apparel at Wordans, we understand that adding a personal touch goes a long way. This desire for uniqueness in our bag offerings is why we now offer customisation features on several of our Bagbase items. This option allows you to add a logo, image, or text directly onto the bag, allowing it to stand out.
Retail fashion houses can quickly benefit from this feature by printing text or images directly on the bags they offer. So, if you currently run a store, you can use our customisation tool to add graphics that are more in line with your brand identity and are more likely to catch the eyes of your target market.
We also encourage organisations and enterprises running any event in the near future to try out this feature. By offering gift bags to your guests with the event name or logo, you can create a lasting memento they will look fondly back on in the years to come.

Wordans is Home to Wholesale Fashion

From the moment we set forth on our journey to make wholesale accessible, Wordans has been able to connect with thousands of customers across three continents. Here in the UK, we have been able to foster partnerships with several brands, such as Bagbase, NEWGEN, Warrior, and Fruit of the Loom, to provide quality items at affordable prices.
If you have been searching for high-quality bags that you can use on various days and combine with fashion outfits, such as our cotton t-shirts, we suggest diving into this range to see if anything catches your eye.