Custom Wellness & Care wholesale and retail.

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Custom Wellness & Care wholesale and retail.

at Wordans United Kingdom

Customise Your Care, with Wellness Products

Wellness and care products are big business. Modern society is increasingly concerned with physical and mental well-being, leading to a higher demand for these products. We buy them for ourselves, and they’re some of the most common gifts for friends and loved ones. As promotional products, they demonstrate that a company cares about its workers and customers, fostering a highly positive image in the process. 


At Wordans you’ll find an extensive array of products suitable for both retail and promotional purposes, from custom candles to branded lip balm. Our simple customisation tool makes it easy to create your own products, whatever you need them for.  

Our Seamless Customisation Process

Crafting your custom wellness and care products with Wordans is as quick as it is easy. Browse our selection for the products you want, and choose your preferred colours from the options available. You can then upload your designs, photos or logos. You can also add text and graphics directly with the tool. 


Lastly, specify the quantity you desire, and proceed to checkout. Be sure to explore our wholesale pricing options by signing in to your account for additional savings. Your custom creations will be in your hands in no time. Explore our site further to discover an array of stylish and practical products, including apparel, accessories, and other promo products.

A Range of Products, a Range of Uses

Our wellness and care products include custom cosmetic bags and bathrobes, massagers, hand gel and tissues. We have custom mirrors, toiletry bags, first aid kits and custom candles. A plethora of options to infuse your branding into wellness and care essentials.


For retailers, you can stock everything you need in one place. If you’re shopping for promotional reasons, or to buy gifts for staff or customers– these are products everyone uses, meaning people will be grateful, and your brand will get the exposure it needs. The products you choose to distribute convey a message about your brand. By offering wellness and care essentials, you signal a commitment to holistic well-being.