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100% cotton T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

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There are few better garments to wear on a warm day than a cotton t-shirt. Cotton, a naturally sustainable fabric, has many advantages for being worn in hot and even cold conditions. Its breathability is a huge plus factor for warm conditions especially since it’s also highly absorbent which can help if you are sweating a lot. At Wordans you can take advantage of all these features with our vast catalogue of cotton t-shirts available for bulk order. Whether it’s to treat employees or to set up a new apparel brand, our cotton t-shirts can be bought at great discounts when ordered in high quantities. Read on for more information about our excellent cotton t-shirt collection at Wordans.

Wholesale Cotton T-Shirts From Wordans Can Be Bought In Different Styles

If you think you can just buy one type of cotton t-shirt from Wordans then you’re very much mistaken. One of reasons we’re so proud of our cotton t-shirt collection is because of the many styles that are part of it. Just a few of these styles include: long sleeves, polos, scoop necks, raglan, sublimation, tank tops, V-necks and short sleeves. The beauty of having this many styles at the disposal of the customer is they have the true freedom to choose what style of cotton t-shirt suits them best.

Cotton T-Shirts For Any Age & Gender

If it’s in your interest to sell cotton t-shirts then it’s essential to be able to supply them for everybody. At Wordans, we’ve got cotton t-shirts for everybody including: babies, kids, women, men and unisex. Our unisex cotton t-shirts are useful if you want to create company customised t-shirts for your male and female employees. We haven’t forgotten about the little ones too, Wordans can supply a large number of cotton t-shirts for both babies and older kids. Cotton is a very good choice for children's clothing as it causes much less irritation for those with sensitive skin than almost any other fabric.

Choose From Many Brands For Our Cheap Cotton T-Shirts

Taking the brand into account can be an important consideration when buying a cotton t-shirt. Depending on which brand you choose, the t-shirt can vary in terms of price, materials used, style and so on. Some of the brands with cotton t-shirts available from Wordans include: Russell, B&C, Sans Étiquette, Gildan, Herock, Armor Lux and Fruit of the Loom. If owning your own apparel store interests you then it's advisable to have as many brands available for purchase as possible. Wordans stock can most certainly help you with that. We make sure to only collaborate with brands that produce high quality goods and it's no different with the brands for our polyester or cotton t-shirts.

Customisability Options For Our Cotton T-Shirts

Many of the cotton t-shirts available from Wordans include the possibility of customising the t-shirt with the graphic of your choosing. This is the perfect option for those wishing to add some personalised company clothing to surprise their employees. It can also work in the case that you want to create your own clothing brand. You can use Wordans customisability feature to start making your own branded clothing. The possibilities are truly endless.

Choose the Exact Colour and Size of Your Cotton T-shirt from Wordans

No customer should be limited by which colour or size is in stock on that particular day. An important part of what we do is being able to supply a large range of sizes to customers in various colours and shades. This way everybody can find what they want so everybody wins. In the colour selection of our cotton t-shirts you will find everything from light blue to forest green to cardinal red. In terms of sizes your options aren’t limited either, with XS to 6XL available from many brands.