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Brown Women Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans United Kingdom

Gone are the days when sweats were reserved for athletes and for the regular winter season. Now the sweatshirt is the most versatile clothing. They’re laidback enough to wear while lounging around the house and stylish enough to wear for a day out with friends.

The brown women sweats are particularly handy as they come in different styles, colours and fabrics to match your mood and wardrobe. It is such a classic sweats style and more brands are designing them in different styles to fit various uses. 

The sweatshirts in Wordan's catalogue

The hoodie

This oldie can be traced back to the days when hip-hop was popular when celebrities would don hoodies stylishly. The hoodie is still relevant in modern-day fashion as it’s particularly common among teenagers and young adults.

The crewneck sweatshirt

This is the most common sweatshirt style. It mainly comes in handy during the winter as it provides heavy yet stylish clothing to keep you warm. Be sure to make wholesale purchases for this sweatshirt for your family the next time winter come knocking.

Fleece sweatshirt

If the crewneck sweat shirt isn’t enough, you can buy the fleece sweatshirt in bulk. It’s warmer than regular sweatshirts, thanks to the thick fleece material. Our fleece sweatshirts for women are zipped and round-necked.

V-neck sweatshirt

This sweatshirt style is the most versatile. Whether you’re looking for a sweat to pair with formal clothing, loungewear, or step out, the v-neck sweat is your best pick. The materials used to design this sweat is super-soft to keep you comfortable and warm.

Zip sweats

The sweat is somewhat similar to the hoodie, except it has a zip instead of the pullover design. This makes zip sweats look like jackets perfect for women, men and kids. If you’re big on hooded zip sweats, you’re sure to find them at Wordans.


The cardigan is more of a sweater worn over shirts to restrain the necktie when you remove the jacket. It’s perfect for casual and formal settings for any season, and at Wordans, you’ll find cardigans to pair with your team’s jersey too.

Turtleneck sweats

You want to have one during the freezing winter season. It has also become the trendiest and most appealing piece of clothing when paired with pleated skirts, leather skirts, jeans and formal clothing.


A bit of colour goes a long way in brightening up your day, and wearing a tie-dye sweat is the best way to do it. The tie-dye sweat recently made a comeback into fashion, serving as a way to dress up or make dull clothing like sweatpants more interesting.

How to Choose the Right brown Women Sweats

Finding a suitable brown women's sweatshirt isn’t just about colour or style; other factors come into play:


Choosing the right women's sweats begins with getting the correct size. At Wordans, you’ll find sweats in different sizes ranging from extra-small (2XS) to extra-large, making it easy to find the perfect fit for young girls.

Fabric Weight

Check the fabric weight, usually measured in grams per meter square (g/m2). Light sweatshirts weigh as little as 220 g/m2, while heavy ones weigh 400 g/m2. The perfect pick depends on the weather and the intended use of the sweatshirt. As such, if you are looking for hooded or fleece sweatshirts for the winter, you want the heavy ones.

Type of Fabric

If you’re big on cotton sweatshirts, you want one that’s made from 100% cotton or an 80/20 combination of cotton and polyester. Fleece sweatshirts also make an excellent option because they’re just as warm as cotton sweatshirts. At Wordans, we stock up on brown women sweats in different fabrics, including polyester, wool, poly microfleece, nylon, poly-viscose and French terry.