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Long sleeves wholesale and retail

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Long sleeves wholesale and retail

at Wordans United Kingdom

Wordans, the best place for cheap Long Sleeves at wholesale prices

Long Sleeves are considered one of great all weather clothing items. Hot weather or cold weather, rain or no rain, it's very hard to go wrong when you stock up on long sleeves at your own apparel businesses. Long sleeve t-shirts combine all the comfort and breathability of a regular t-shirt with the full covering of a normal shirt. The result is a very comfortable and adaptable clothing item that is just as popular among men as it is with women.

Our Long Sleeves come in a variety of styles

Our stock of long sleeves at Wordans come in many different styles so that you, the customer, have the freedom to choose exactly which style you prefer. Hooded long sleeves is one of the styles we have available at Wordans. This soft and lightweight t-shirt would look good as part of a casual outfit or for sports activities. Another popular style is the classic turtle-neck long sleeve which is synonymous with high fashion and class. Our turtle-neck long sleeves are the perfect option for men or women wanting to dress business casual. Finally, we have V-neck long sleeves available for bulk order at Wordans. The V-neck long sleeves are similarly great for leisure or business wear.

Our cheap Long sleeves are available in many colours and sizes

Another area to customise your order is what colour and size of long sleeves you choose. When it comes to size, you’re in luck because Wordans supplies all long sleeves between Small and 2XL with some products even available in XS and 4XL. It's never a nice experience for a customer to realise their size is not in stock so we always recommend to cover all bases and buy each size in bulk to keep everybody happy. Contact our sales team for a quote on your order today.

At Wordans we understand that choosing the colour of your long sleeves can be a frustrating experience. That is why at each product page we offer a variety of different stylish colours with model images to give you a sense of the tone and how it could look in person. Just some of the colours available for our long sleeves include: black, white, charcoal, navy, royal blue, orange, dark chocolate and gold. With the range of colours for long sleeves available for bulk order at Wordans we think you’ll find exactly what you need to get your clothing business up and running.

Our wholesale long sleeves come in many different brands

We know how important it is to use brands that you trust for clothing. That's why we’ve partnered with a collection of high quality brands to produce our long sleeve t-shirts. Some of the brands in this collection include: Gildan, Lemon & Soda, Sol’s, Henbury and NEOBLU. We at Wordans believe these brands represent good diversity in terms of the styles and materials they use for their long sleeve t-shirts. Once more, these brands are all diverse in terms of price points so that you and your customers have the choice between more premium and less premium goods.

Wordans is the number one place to buy cheap and wholesale long sleeve t-shirts for your business. Our assortment in terms of styles, colours, brands and sizes is quite simply unmatched in the wholesale clothing sector. Our various warehouses located throughout the UK makes it so that shipping is both as quick and cost efficient as possible. If you are thinking of placing a bulk order with us, contact our sales team for a personalised quote on your order.