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Aprons Hospitality wholesale and retail.

at Wordans United Kingdom

Wordans, The Best Place to Buy Cheap Hospitality Aprons

A staple piece of clothing in any kitchen, the aprons we have available at Wordans combine style with functionality. Every professional kitchen needs chefs and every chef needs their own collection of aprons. Well if you are a restaurant or even a retailer looking to sell aprons we have you covered. We sell aprons in a variety of styles and colours that can be customised with designs and logos at your very request.

We offer many different brands

At Wordans, we try to give you the most amount of choice possible when it comes to choosing which brand for your aprons. That's why we have around 7 brands available including: Karlowsky, NEWGEN, Sol’s and Westford Mill. These brands offer terrific quality all at different price points. Take Karlowsky for example, they produce very stylish yet practical aprons that would look good in or outside of the kitchen. At another price point we have the Sol’s brand which boasts its simplistic apron design which is more focused on functionality. It's all up to your preferences.

We offer cheap Aprons made from quality materials

When deciding which aprons to offer we thought it was imperative that they were well-made as they need to be durable and long-lasting in a professional kitchen environment. For the most part the aprons we offer are made from a variety of fabric blends that usually include cotton and polyester. Some brands offer 100% cotton aprons that give them a soft to the touch feel. All aprons are easily machine washable so you can have a dirty apron ready again for the very next day. So if it's style, functionality and cheap prices you're looking for then look no further than picking up your aprons from us at Wordans.

Our Wholesale Aprons come in many different styles

You have complete freedom to choose the style of Aprons you want to show in your kitchen or store front. The classic long style bib apron is best suited to those working in the kitchen where things may get a little messy. We have a large selection of these aprons available for bulk order. Apathy from that we have the slightly more modest medium waist aprons available which are best suited to waiters and waitresses working front of house. Depending on which style you can also order your apron with or without pockets whatever your preference is. So if you are a restaurant or cafe owner and you wish to treat your employees to some new workwear then consider buying your aprons from Wordans where we can customise the aprons to include a company logo or slogan of your choice.

Chose the colour of your liking

The hospitality aprons we have available at Wordans can be ordered in a wide variety of different colours. To see which colours are available for each apron you only need to open up the product page and find the colours section to see which ones are available. We have everything from burgundy reds to bright greens and dark blues for you to choose from. If your cafe or restaurant is going for a bright and colourful ambiance then we have the aprons to suit that. If it’s a dark and slightly more serious atmosphere then we can provide those darker shades too.

So if you’re interested and want to order our aprons in bulk then contact our sales team and they will provide you with a quote today. We’re very sure you and your customers won't regret it.