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Custom Writing wholesale and retail.

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Branded Stationery: The Ultimate Promo Products

If you’re looking for promotional products that get your brand serious impressions for super low prices, then it’s hard to beat branded stationery. Stationery is used by everyone, and people don’t mind it being branded, as they might with t-shirts or other promo products. In fact, research shows that branded pens are the single most cost-effective promo product, costing less than one-tenth of a penny per impression.  


Unlike some other office supplies, branded pens don’t always sit on the same desk, instead getting transported around a lot, lent to other people, and stolen of course. All this gets them seen by more people– branded pens are usually in circulation for a long time. 


Who to Give Branded Pens to? 

Company merchandise is usually given out in circumstances where you need a pen. Think company events, trade shows, or meetings with clients. Onboarding packs are also increasingly common these days. New employees, attendees at professional events, and both current and potential clients at meetings could all use a pen, so branded pens and other stationery make themselves useful from the start. 


Our range of pens includes those with stylus tips, stands, even spirit levels. We also have luxury pen sets, highlighter sets, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, and more. Take a look at our selection, and you can even put together a branded stationery pack if you like. 


Creating Your Branded Stationery

Once you have your items lined up, hit the customisation button to start designing. You can add text or graphics, or upload your own image files to add logos, slogans, and other designs. Choose where you’d like your designs, and which printing method you’d like. Laser engraving looks great, and holds up well over time, while tampography is the more budget option, and allows for more colours. Direct-to-garment offers the best of both worlds, check our glossary for more information. 


When the mockup looks great, you just need to decide how many you want and wait for delivery. Our great prices get even lower when you buy in bulk, so order all of yours at once to take advantage.