Pink T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

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Pink T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans United Kingdom


If you sell apparel, or own a retail shop or a boutique, Wordans has quality pink t-shirts that will excite your market. We are the leading bulk pink t-shirt seller in Vancouver and cover the needs of your customers head-on. Our blank t-shirts are ready to wear and can be customised with graphics of any type, perfect for personal use or reselling.

Choose from a Vast Selection of Fabrics

The choice of fabric determines when you can wear the t-shirt, how you take care of it and the customisation options available. Thicker fabrics are typically worn in cold climates when your client wants to stay warm, like when going out. Thinner materials are more common as they are worn on many casual occasions. Most materials used for Wordans t-shirts can be printed on with ease, but you need absorbent garments if you wish to dye them.

At Wordans, you can choose different types of fabrics for your t-shirts, including organic cotton, polyester, blends such as cotton/polyester and several tri-blends. You can also choose from options such as poly spandex, pique cotton, polyester-viscose and cotton-knit, and their blends.

Your customers can also choose fabrics according to the care requirements, performance options and capabilities. Some of these characteristics include snag resistance, UPF sun protection, high-performance t-shirts, anti-crease capabilities and conformity according to t-shirt treatments.

Find Our Cheap T-Shirts in a Variety of Styles

Wordans provides a diverse selection of t-shirt designs for your market. There are many different t-shirt designs available, including V-neck, scoop neck, tank top and polo, among others. For any of the styles mentioned above, numerous short-and long-sleeved variations are available. We also provide pink t-shirts featuring a zipper, a front pocket, and performance styles, to suit the tastes of your customers.

T-Shirts Available for All Genders

We sell t-shirts in every size, suitable for all ages and genders. Whether your business sells clothing for men, women, babies, or kids, you’ll be covered if you buy wholesale with Wordans. Additionally, we provide unisex t-shirt alternatives that are comfortable for everyone to wear. In terms of sizes, we provide t-shirts between small and 6XL. As a result, you have a wide selection for your market.

We Sell Quality Wholesale T-shirts

All our t-shirts come with strengthened threading on the underarms and shoulders. They have also been pre-treated to prevent further shrinkage on washing. T-shirts from Wordans are meticulously knit, so the threading does not come off with regular wear. Our cheap t-shirts are also colourfast and easy to take care of. We include the care requirements on the label so the end user may know how to take care of the clothing. Besides, our handling team ensures that the t-shirts are safe from excessive moisture and other substances that may stain them.

We Have All the Top Brands in Stock

All of the top brands on the market are covered in our wholesale collection. We stock t-shirts from such companies as, Jerzees, North End, Extreme, Gildan, Rabbit Skins, Golf, Harriton, Team 365, and Under Armour. Keep checking our website for new brands that we add regularly. The brands that we sell go through an evaluation for quality and performance by our team. As a result, we ensure our customers will receive high-quality t-shirts that satisfy their varied needs and preferences. In addition, we check all the batches to ensure that all t-shirts are sold with the characteristics indicated on the label. We do the same with the batches we sell to our customers. Get quality pink t-shirts, along with other colours, from our stores today.