Custom Long sleeves Polo wholesale and retail.

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Custom Long sleeves Polo wholesale and retail.

at Wordans United Kingdom

Design Your Distinct Look with Custom Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

Create the right look with personalised long sleeve polo shirts from Wordans. This is a garment that offers something different to the norm, and can be used for merchandise that stands out. Long sleeve polo shirts also nestle nicely between formal and casual clothing, making them a great choice for modern uniforms, offering both comfort and style. 


Wordans make it easy to find what you’re looking for, with different options for materials, styles and fits. Decide on the right polo for your needs, choose your favourite colour from the options you have on offer, and then you can get into the fun part- customisation!


Vibrant Screen Printing, or a Custom Embroidered Long Sleeve Polo?

The hard part made easy. Our innovative tool lets you personalise your clothing in moments. You can infuse your long sleeve polo shirt with text, in a variety of fonts, or graphics from our extensive library. You can also upload your own creations and company insignia, which opens up loads of possibilities. From team badges, to sponsors, to company logos, you can make a custom long sleeve polo for whatever you need. 


We also offer a number of different printing methods. Contemporary techniques offer versatility, allowing vibrant shades to adorn your shirt. For the classic look, consider opting for custom embroidered long sleeve polo shirts, to add a touch of sophistication.


Get Your Brand Out There with Custom Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

Personalised long sleeve polo shirts have various uses. The make great kits for rugby, and other sports. You can also use them to make customized gifts for friends and family, or simply to liven up your own wardrobe. 


Additionally they can be a potent branding tool for businesses and organisations. Utilise them as uniforms to convey your corporate identity, or leverage them as promotional merchandise to enhance brand visibility. Wordans offer great discounts for bulk orders. Whether you're outfitting your team, or looking for versatile attire for leisurely pursuits, a long sleeve polo might be exactly what you need.