Custom Power banks Technology & Accessories wholesale and retail.

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Custom Power banks Technology & Accessories wholesale and retail.

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Branded Power Banks: Merch People Love

With promotional products, to get the most out of them, it’s essential that they’re genuinely useful. This way people use them longer, and even if they don’t, usually pass them on to someone else. Technology-related promotional products are especially popular. We know young people are into their gadgets, but older generations actually tend to appreciate them even more, since they’re often less well-equipped on the technology front. 


If you’re looking for a promo product that’s useful, and will get you plenty of impressions, it’s hard to beat branded power banks. People carry their phones everywhere, so your branding will get transported around the world. They’re also an item people love, and often don’t have one of their own. 

Getting the Look Just Right  

First you need to choose your power bank. We have a range of quality, stylish options. From sleek aluminium to classy bamboo. From pocket-sized, 2200 mAh versions, up to the 10000 mAh ones that last all day. You can get power banks with solar panels, even with dynamos!


When you’ve picked which fits best with your company image, you can add your designs. Power banks have a handy flat space to help your designs look great. You can add text and graphics directly, or upload your company logo or other images. Choose where to place everything and your branded power bank is ready for creation.

What to Do with Your Branded Power Banks

You’ll need to choose how many you need. Our power banks are surprisingly affordable, and we also offer lower prices the more you buy. Log in or create an account to see how you can make the most of our wholesale pricing. Once they’re delivered you just need to decide what to do with them.


Branded power banks are high-quality promo products, so you might not want to be handing out hundreds at events. It’s better to choose your targets a little more carefully– give them out to potential clients, or as rewards for existing ones. They are also excellent gifts for onboarding new employees, and create a great image for your company.