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Buy Sports Jackets at Wholesale prices at Wordans UK

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Buy Sports Jackets at Wholesale prices at Wordans UK

at Wordans United Kingdom

Cheap Sports Jackets from Wordans

Cater for the needs of your market by supplying them with high-quality sports jackets from Wordans. We are a reputable bulk jackets seller in the UK, Canada and several countries around the world. We are open to business from fashion stores, apparel businesses, boutiques, or any stores that stock jackets. Please go through the features below to help you choose the right jacket for your clientele.

A Wide Variety of Sports Jackets for wholesale

We have cheap sports jackets for everyone looking for one. You may choose the options that best appeal to your clients using the characteristics that we have explained below.

Quality Jackets

Our high-quality jackets are made of polyester and a few blends of the material. Polyester is a good material for retaining heat for the thick jackets and is a wearable material for the light ones. It does not fade or crease easily. It can also be customised with ease should you want to add prints and graphics to the jackets. You have a choice of 100% polyester material or your regular polyester blend.

The jackets are able to handle the wear and tear from use and limited abuse out there. Their colours do not run and they can be worn for an extended period while remaining comfortable. The inside is made of a soft lining, but this depends on the type of jacket that you pick for your customers in the sports collection.

Its mid layer is made of waterproof TPU material that is windproof and breathable. On the inside is 100% microfleece, which is soft to the skin. The three layers make an 8,000 mm bonded fabric.

A Variety of Colours

Colours mean a lot for your customers. Some will choose to be bold, others neutral and others will enjoy a mix of various shades. We would like you to offer them a wide choice of colours to meet their preferences.

Our wholesale sports collection comes with all the major warm colours such as yellow, red, pink, orange, and violet, as well as cool ones such as blue, navy blue, green, and maroon. There are also other options, such as dual colours and a black zip strip. We advise our clients to provide a wide choice to their customers so that they can appeal to a wide market base.

Choose from Various Style Options

We have a wide variety of style features that make it an ideal jacket for use on various occasions. Some of the jackets come with a soft high-stretch fabric for use in sports activities or at the gym. Others come with a fashionable shape that includes a longer back panel.

Others have zip opening underarms with mesh backing to prevent heat from escaping, yet others have a YKK full front zip fastening. You have a choice of jackets with front feature pockets and others without. For those with front pockets, some are zipped while others are not. Some jackets may also have an inside pocket, while others do not have one.

The soft-shell zipped jackets have a lighter material and a slimmer fit. They offer a better fit for those who want a contemporary look for those casual afternoons. They are also a good choice for people who want to layer up during the cold weather.

We have a Choice of Different Sizes for All Genders

We offer a vast range of sizes for all ages. You can buy jackets in sizes from small, medium, large, extra-large, and up to 6XL. The availability of different sizes may differ from one type to another. Kindly check the website for details.

The jackets are available for both genders and some are unisex. Depending on your market, you may pick two or all genders. Our jackets come from leading brands, including DARE2B, Result, Sol’s, Spiro and Stedman. All of them are quality clothing brands.

Visit our website today and choose jackets that fit your customers’ needs and order them in bulk today.