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Wordans: Winter Fitness for less than 100£

Winter Fitness for less than 100£

By: Fashionista B

Trying to stay fit throughout this upcoming winter, but you have too small a budget to get a membership? Look no further than Wordans UK! Wordans has a wide selection of exercise equipment and with these items and a solid workout routine, you can be completely ready to show off in the spring.

I have selected a few items that are perfect for creating your home gym without ruining your pocketbook. All these items together only come to 94.06£!

First, is the Just Up Gym Chest Expanders. This wonderful unit attaches to any door. These expanders are used to strengthen your core, back, shoulders and arms. You can do plank pull ups or push ups with this unit. This unit comes with instruction manual, exercised and a transportation bag.

Secondly, you will want something to work your core. The BTK Fitness Wheel gives you an intense core exercise and increased stability. Push the wheel back or forth on your knees or toes to give a full arm, shoulder, and core workout.

Continuing on upper body, the Muscles Up! Pro Pull-up and Exercise Bar. This unit can fit on any basic doorframe and has 6 different holding positions. You can also place it on the floor for push up and sit up support. Work your upper back, arms, chest, and core with this unit.

Finally, to work on toning and full body strength, we have the  BTK Training Kit. This kit includes a durable fitness ball, a weighted ball and several resistant elastics. This unit comes with manual and exercises.

With these four units, you can work on every area of your body. You can build up strength, tone and gain increased flexibility. Get Winter Fitness for less than 100£!

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Wordans: Online Xmas Shopping

Online Xmas Shopping

By Fashionista B

December is just around the corner and unfortunately, it is time to battle the crowds.

But wait! There’s a better option! Save your time and energy with online Xmas shopping.

Check out Wordans UK and shop online for all your gifts! Wordans has a wide selection of clothing, health and beauty products, home and garden products, and one of my favourites, computer and electronics.

Gadgets are fun and Wordans has the latest in gadgetry that will have your friends and family loving their gifts. I have pulled some of the best gadgets available at the lowest price here at Wordans.

Beats Headphones are the most sought-after headphones today. Wordans offers these headphones in two colours and at the lowest price.

These are super fun and are a fantastic way to get around, the Brigmton Electric Hoverboard. This hoverboard is great for kids and adults. This board can get from 15-18 km/hr. and comes with a carrying case for easier transportation.

Fun for kids or adults, the Bitblin Hoverkart. This kart is perfect for racing or just having fun. Its small wheel design gives less contact with the ground allowing for more speed. The two hand grip gives an easier range of movement and the wide base promotes stability.

Never lose your charge again with the Omega Powerbank. This powerbank comes in several colours and has light up sections so you can see where to plug-in, even in the dark. This powerbank can add hours to your cellphone or laptop charge.

Finally, a portable bluetooth speaker. An extremely versatile speaker that goes wherever you are. Great for camping, relaxing in the park,  for room to room portable music and much much more!

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Wordans: OOTD

OOTD – Outfit of the Day

By Fashionista B

Let’s start to look at winter outfits with my OOTD.

A good look this upcoming season, especially with knits in fashion, is to wear long sweaters. There are several ways to jazz up this look, and today have put together my favourite version of this style. This style includes a long knit sweater, tight pants, boots or heels with chunky jewelry to set off the whole look.

My first selection if the Giusta Sweater. This sweater is styled with a basic pattern, with or without pink accents. I like the pink accents, because it adds a subtle touch of feminine colour. It is good to order this sweater a size larger than you would originally buy. This created a flowing styling and also can by jazzed up with a chunky belt.


My second selection is the Annabella Trousers. In order for the flowing sweater look to work, you have to have tight trousers. If they are too baggy then your body loses all form. These trousers come in black or pink. If you choose the pink, than the black pants are the better choice.

Thirdly, I would like to select two styles of boots that can work with this look. The Concetta Ankle Boots and the Pierre Cardin High Boots. Both these selections add a different flair. When you want to wear the OOTD sweater look on the day-to-day, the high boots are a great choice. If you want to wear the sweater look to a fun evening out, than the ankle boots are the better selection.

Finally, to set off this look, seek out a piece of chunky jewelry, like the Panarea Necklace. This necklace has both the grey and black elements of the outfit, and includes just a touch of shiny metal and crystal bling. Generally any large and low hanging pendant will work with this style.

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Wordans: Picking the Right Fabric for You

Picking the Right Fabric for You

By: Fashionista B

Ever wonder what the qualities of certain fabrics are? Why do some stain and others just wide away? After some research, I found some great basic information about three popular winter fabrics: Cotton, Polyester and Fleece. Once you know the qualities of each fabric, you are prepared for the winter weather, and since Wordans carries a wide selection of clothing, it is good to know how to find exactly what you want.

Let’s start with one of the oldest and most popular fabrics, cotton.


Cotton is a highly versatile fabric that we see in both house textiles and clothing. This plant is easily obtained and is easier to grow than other products because due to the lack of chemicals or products required. This fabric tends to be quite soft and only requires basic spinning to be made into a usable fabric. The fibers hold colour and prints extremely well, making it a highly versatile product. Now, there are two types of spinning techniques I want to talk about. The rough-spun and ring-spun.


To begin, rough-spun cotton is exactly as it sounds, cotton that has been spun until a fiber exists. There is generally a lot of space between the cotton fibers, which makes the material lighter and less comfortable against the skin, but can be used to create a wide-range of textiles that are soft and warm for a lower cost to customers. Cotton is a good fabric for sensitive skin, it is easy to shape and hangs well, but it tends to lose its shape and durability when wet. Rough-spun generally comes pre-shrunk and blended with polyester to give more durability.


Secondly, there is ring-spun cotton. This technique is when the cotton is continually spun until there is little or no gaps between the fibers. You end up with a more durable, heavier strand that is much softer. This process requires more work and tends to be more expensive but durable. Ring-spun is great for sweaters and shirts, as they are extremely soft and durable.

Now onto…


Polyester is a synthetic fiber, that is created through a chemical reaction between acid and alcohol. This fiber is extremely hydrophobic, which means it is highly water and stain resistant. The only downside is polyester does love oils, so be sure to avoid grease because these stains will not easily come out.

Polyester is highly durable, and resistant to mildew, stretching, shrinking, warping, and dries extremely quickly. This product lasts longest when washed and dried at low temperatures. This is great because it means shorter wash and dry cycles with cold water and heat, significantly reducing electricity and water bills. Polyester, because is does not absorb water, can feel stifling when the weather is hot.

Finally, onto fleece…


Fleece is actually made from polyester fibers and is the perfect insulator against extreme cold weather. It works best as an outer or mid-layer. Due to its polyester base, this fabric is hydrophobic, and does not absorb water. It dries extremely quickly and is very durable and breathable.

The downside to fleece is the same as polyester, it is extremely stain resistant except with oils. This fabric is also stifling when warm, so it is not ideal as a base layer in the winter. This plush material is magnificent for bedding, sweaters and fall coats.

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Wordans: Splash of Colour

Splash of Colour

By: Fashionista B

Sometimes you just need a bit of colour in the winter. I used to fear colour when I decored my home. I was terrified that the wrong bold piece wouldn’t fit in my design scheme. Because of this, I missed some great opportunities to add a splash of colour to my home space since that one piece of bold furniture changes a space from drab to fab. It can be a simple chair, lamp or sofa that makes all the difference to a room.



What happened to convert me to colour? I learned how to use the colour wheel to find out what bold colour would complement my design space.

So, how do I know what colour is complementary?

Check out these two colour swatches, is there a difference?


When you pair purple and red together the colour has the same intensity, but, when I put yellow and purple together, the colours appear to shine out independently. The trick to this is to use the opposite colour on the colour-wheel. These wheels are a designers dream because it makes colours super simple. This is the trick of why Christmas Red/Greens seem extra vibrant when put together.

Now that you’re an expert!

You can place a red Rubix ottoman in a room with dark green fabric or add a Muoto blue geometric rug with yellow lamps.


Or add a rose Plexi stool into a room with light blue wall and an orange Loft lamp over a white chair with light green pillows.


The sky is the limit to adding the perfect splash of colour to any of your home space and soon your friends will be asking you for advice on how to add a little colour to their homes too! So what are you waiting for?

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Wordans: Epic Lilac Collection

Wordans ‘Epic Lilac’ Collection

By: Fashionista B

A dining room collection inspired by the poetic epics of history and the colours of royalty. A creation that blends modern styling with the spring tones of lilac.

This dining room collection features worn wood statement pieces on a lilac palette with black modern furniture and accents. Its wood base brings a grounded element to the dining room, the place where families spend quality time over hearty meals. Purple hues add warmth and inspire feelings of relaxation after a long day. The goal of this collection is to place the furniture in a dining room with lilac painted walls.

I begin this collection around this stunning Conrad Hanging Lamp. This lamp has all the elements of an elegant and warm dining room. Its glass accents will cause a wonderful warm glow and the vertical black lamp cover will cast unique vertical shadows throughout the entire space. This lamp is a statement piece, that looks good and creates a unique effect.

Next, I add an important feature, the Craftenwood Poetic Collection Dining Table. This is another unique piece with amazing accents. The table has a rustic grey-wash appearance the works well with the lamp without overshadowing it. It’s detailed legs add a historic touch to this room.


Finally, the chairs! This is where the past meets present. With this collection, I incorporate modernity with a selection of two chairs. The Livingston cushioned and contoured chairs are placed at the head and ends of the table, whilst the Elipse Chairs would have places of prominence on the sides. The blend of modern contouring with the epic contouring of the chair causes a dramatic contrast.

The Epic Lilac Collection can is malleable to any space. Once you place the lilac, wood, and black accents together there is no telling what you can create. Add a bit of flair with a white shaggy carpet or add a colourful purple hued centrepiece to pull the wall colour into the centre of the space. This colour palette can be incorporate additional colours to suit your own personal designs or needs!

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Wordans OOTD: Outfit of the Day

By: Fashionista B

It’s Wordans OOTD~ Our Outfit of the Day. I find myself inspired by the Vogue Winter Fashion Styles. This winter season is littered with statement t-shirts, skinny jeans, textiles and fur. The greatest fashion statement piece featured this season is the football scarves, a must-have for every fan.

Today I feature a contemporary look that pulls in all these elements to make a bold statement look.

So, I begin with this versatile shoe, the V 1969 Casper.

It boasts synthetic leather material and a rubber sole. This show, particularly in brown, has that cowboy design but with contemporary cut and buckling. This shoe works with a casual look (like the OOTD) but also works with a business suit.



Secondly, the So Denim SD04 slim jean men’s skinny fit jean. This jean is perfect for showing off your Casper Boots. A great modern fit is a dark jean with tapered legs. This jean is great in the OOTD look but is also able to sub into a business casual look.


The Casual T-shirt with a statement print is the latest modern trend in mens clothing. This trend is extremely versatile as print t-shirts come in a wide selection of styles, statements, and colours. The Trussardi T-shirt sports a bold statement and looks fantastic with the brown Casper shoes and a brown Sparco Belt.



The football team scarf! Finally, your collection of team scarves are in style. Sport your big and bold teams scarf or choose a Result Winter Scarf in your team colours!



Finally, the last piece to the OOTD is a gorgeous tweed inspired coat, the Made in Italia Adolpho Jacket. Flawlessly made in Italy with English style hidden buttons this coat is a grand and versatile statement piece. A back slit allows for layering under the coat with a sweater while keeping its seamless appearance. Altogether, this outfit combines smooth contemporary style, with bold statement accents on the t-shirt and scarf. The versatile elements of the OOTD means these pieces look good alone or together.




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Latest Fashion Trends for Winter 2018

Wordans & The Latest Fashion Trends

By: Fashionista B

If you are anything like me, you like to look great in the latest fashion trends but without paying a lot. In order to save you time, I’ve gone through the latest fashions according to Vogue and figured out how to emulate these gorgeous trends, at a fraction of the cost.

So, Vogue Paris recently posted their top runway looks for 2017-2018 Winter. The colour palette is beautiful with the main features being turquoise, pinks, blacks and blues, with just a touch of vintage patterns and prints. With these ideas in mind, I am presenting the following fashion boards that follow these trends, but at a much lower cost.

A Turquoise Touch

First up is the Turquoise look. This look is seen in handbags, coats, dresses and pants. A colour like this isn’t something you need to smother yourself in to get the look, so hints of turquoise in clothing, jewellery and handbags will have you sporting this gorgeous touch of colour in any outfit. Wordans V 1969 Violaine shoes add a touch of Turquoise and Vintage style to your wardrobe, whilst our Trussardi Handbag and Huggot Earrings with Swarovski Crystals add a little flair of Turquoise to any outfit.


Feathers, Feathers and Flow

Feathers, feathers, feathers. This look is all about flowing down the runway. These fashion pieces tend to be extremely delicate and, therefore, have a short life in a closet. Although feathers do provide a dramatic flair, the flowing look is what we are after when emulating this style.

So, choosing sweaters or accessories that are loose fitting and have fringy material gives you a flowing appearance that lasts. Our Silvian Heach Sweaters have nice touches of fringe.


Working Girl

The Working Girl look was all over the runway! Skirts, suits, pants all with black and grey tones and hot colour highlights. This look is extremely easy to obtain and is also versatile. Choose a coat with a dark colour tone, like black or dark grey, and wear it over a bright t-shirt, dress shirt or sweater and pair it with a pencil skirt or pants to rock this look.

Firstly, the Skopes double pocket Chloe jacket is as essential to any woman’s wardrobe. Its slightly tapered waist, double button and pocket flair give it a designer touch. Our Brook Taverner skirt is a great choice for any wardrobe. Fitted from waist to below the knee, this skirt makes you look sophisticated and exotic. You can also try a larger fit jacket with this pencil skirt to give your body more form.

Cozy Knit

I am so happy that the cosy knit is in this year!! There is nothing more comfortable than a knit sweater because it beats the cold weather in style. Cosy knits can be worn in 3 styles.

The first style is a basic wrap, like our Sylvian Heach grey wrap. This style is when the knit sweater is complementing your daily outfit. The second style, here featured as our Fontana Giusta, is wearing the knit as your shirt. This style works best with colour knits and can be done with numerous styles. Wear a long knitted shirt with tights and heels, or over jeans and sneakers. The last knit style is the heavy knit, like our Fontana Lara. This works as an overcoat style. Can feature bright buttons and can be placed overtop a basic outfit with dark or patterned pants, heels or boots.

Pretty in Pink

Pinks are back in style! Unlike our turquoise look, create this trend as a full look or sported in accessories. Furthermore, the pink look will bring a bit of beautiful sunset to cold winter days. A great way to rock this look is to wear pink styled accents on a dark backdrop. My featured outfit is our Fontana Viliana Sweater, with our Pierre Cardin shoulder bag, our vintage styled Gemma Shoes, and a touch of pink dangling jewellery like the Huggot mosaic pendant.


Dark Hues and Blues

Probably the easiest look this season is dark blue hues and black. I am always a fan of mixing colours with black since it always seems to magnify a colour statement. This trend is the easiest of all to recreate as your wardrobe is likely to have pieces already. Here are some great items ideas that can add to this look: a Premier Scarf can flare up any outfit, Just Cavalli sunglasses with both black and blue colouring, V 1969 Thecle Shoes with double ankle strap, and finally our Fontana 2.0 Coat. Well there you have it, the latest fashion trends available to everyone!


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Staying Warm

Autumn is approaching 

Change of seasons means a change in your wardrobe. And this season is cold so you need clothes to match. You need to prepare for the cold, the wind and rain.

 What to wear?


The heavyweight of the clothing world, suitable for the outdoors and for the indoors, just on the sofa. Coming in a selection of material from 100% ring-spun to Tri-blend. The ultimate choice for comfort and keeping your warm for these coming months. They are also great for screen printing and customising.

Crewneck Sweater

The most fashionable choice on the list, with the most variety for you to choose from. Whether you are looking to rock the hipster look or looking to pull off something more sleek & professional . The range of style and shapes means you will find something to match your outfit and no matter the occasion.

Baseball sweater

A classic for the US, thinner then the regular sweater but great for wearing indoors and doing everyday activaties in or just to wear underneath your jacket or raincoat. Giving you an active look in colder weather.


If you are looking head outdoors, then the fleece is the most practical choice for you. Providing you with the warmth and the weatherproof-ness needed to brave the wilds, while walking your dog. Coming in a range of materials and thicknesses, allowing you to find the right fleece for your expedition.

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Fragrance Series: Choosing The Right Perfume

As we want to be able to be there for you on your every need, we are absolutely thrilled to share the new set of products we have to offer!  In that sense, we will be exploring and making recommendations on our blog to some of the categories we find  the best deals in beauty, decoration, electronics, fashion and more.

Let us begin by accentuating your beauty!

Which perfume is the best? Will you like it later? Will she like it?
Those are all hard questions to answer but with proper experience and knowledge they can be made easier, not to say revealed!

With that said, we have selected two perfumes that you’re probably familiar with but that we believe make a difference – both on your wallet and your skin.


 Gucci makes use of its iconic Gs to bring us a heroine who regards this emblem as an incitement to subvert. For this most contemporary of rebels, Gucci is the brand of sex and power. In Gucci Guilty, this woman discovers the very scent of defiance.

Notes on this Fragrance: Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Peach, Lilac, Geranium, Ambery Notes, Patchouli, Lilac and Geranium.


L’Eau D’issey Pour Homme is a woody aquatic fragrance for men released by the Issey Miyake in 1994. This scent, perfect for any occasion features notes of lemon, bergamot, sandalwood and musk.

Notes on this Fragrance:   Yuzu, Bergamot, Lemon, Tarragon, Nutmeg, Water lily, Tobacco, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetiver and Musk.

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