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Long Sleeve T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

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Long Sleeve T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans United Kingdom

Are you looking for cheap long sleeve t-shirts for men, women, and children? Get discounted prices when you shop wholesale at Wordans. We have a t-shirt for everyone, every season and every event.

Get casual Wholesale long sleeve t-shirts at Wordans

We have cotton-made long sleeve t-shirts from Gildon that are perfect for a casual office outfit. These are extremely comfortable and made from a soft cotton material. They are also double-stitched on the sleeves and at the bottom to keep the garment from falling apart. Our long t-shirts are versatile, so they can match well with all types of pants, whether it is casual or classic.

Buy cheap long sleeve T-Shirts for every occasion

At Wordans, you can get cheap long sleeve t-shirts for all sorts of occasions. We have heavy long sleeve t-shirts that are great for winter, as well as light tubular t-shirts for everyday wear. These shirts are extremely durable even with frequent washing. The tubular cut on the tubular shirts ensures there are no side seams getting in your way.
Our collection includes t-shirts that can be worn any time of the year, regardless of the weather. You can cover your arms with the sleeves when it’s cold, or roll them up when the temperatures rise. You can also personalise your t-shirts with your own brand or logo.

Buy Trendy long sleeve T-Shirts

Wordans has a wide selection of fashionable long-sleeve t-shirts. These t-shirts come with row cut bindings and innovative designs that are excellent if you are looking for a more modern look.
If you’re a baseball fan, we also have a variety of baseball long sleeve t-shirts in stock for you. These feature a stylish cut and contrasting collar and sleeves, making them quite trendy in the sportswear department.
You can also shop cheap and wholesale long sleeve t-shirts with stripes at Wordans. Be it horizontal or vertical, our striped shirts can be paired with anything. You can pair your striped shirt with pencil skirts or solid-colored pants, or turn it around to make a statement. For additional comfort, these shirts are equipped with a tear-away label and are made with a soft and stretchy fabric.

Get Ladies’ long sleeve T-Shirts at Wordans

At Wordans, we have cheap long sleeve t-shirts for women for every event. You can find round-collar long sleeve shirts that are excellent for wearing during a cold day in the office, as well as baseball t-shirts if you are more into the sporty style. We also have wide-neck t-shirts if you are looking for a chic outfit that will bring out your feminine side. These shirts are great for highlighting the neck and the rounded waist hem allows you to personalise your outfit to your liking. What’s more, the label is detachable, so you can simply remove it and replace it with your own when customising the t-shirt.
Our ladies’ t-shirts are versatile, so they can be worn with virtually any outfit, whether it’s a pair of blue jeans or thick leggings. Some come with contrasting sleeves and collars that give them a modern look.

Get bulk long sleeve T-Shirts for children

Wordans has a wide selection of kids’ long sleeve t-shirts. Our t-shirts are made by reputable brands and are designed to provide maximum comfort. Some come with ribbing crew necks and slim fit, long sleeves to make them more comfortable. They go well with shorts, skirts, and pants, and can serve as a termoregulator, keeping your kid cool when it gets hot and warm when the temperatures drop. Our shirts are suitable for both boys and girls aged 4 to 12 years.
Find striped long sleeve t-shirts for young kids with pleasant contrasting elbow and collar patches. These shirts have a practical closure system that is suitable for children. The fabric absorbs perspiration effectively and provides excellent wearing comfort. They are also conveniently lightweight, making them a great choice for summer outings.
Toddlers are not left behind when shopping at Wordans. We have a large stock of long sleeve t-shirts for toddlers that are ideal for all seasons.