Custom Portfolios Office & Writing wholesale and retail.

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Custom Portfolios Office & Writing wholesale and retail.

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Keep Everyone Organised with Custom Padfolios

When it comes to promotional products, office accessories blend utility with branding potential. They're fantastically useful for people in a professional setting, which is where you tend to distribute promotional material. At conferences, expositions and other events, they’ll always go down well. When onboarding new employees, they’re a great help, as they give them the tools they need to get started. 


Portfolios and padfolios are highly useful tools for professionals, offering a sleek and practical solution for organising documents, notes, and business cards. Much like notebooks and other office supplies, padfolios are universally appreciated, but unlike other office supplies, many people don’t currently own one, which increases their promotional value. 

Customising Your New Padfolio

With Wordans' user-friendly customisation tool, designing your portfolios or padfolios is zero hassle. Begin by selecting the item you’d like to use as your canvas. Then, simply upload your logo or graphics files, or add text directly to personalise your padfolios. Choose your method of printing– you can consult our glossary if you’re not sure about the different types. 


Whether you're ordering a few for your team or stocking up for an event, take advantage of Wordans' scalable pricing to enjoy discounts on bulk orders. Padfolios also make great products for any stationery retailers, and you get plenty of space to add your own branding.

Create a Comprehensive Promo Pack

Looking to enhance your brand presence beyond padfolios? Consider creating customised merchandise packs that include complementary items such as branded pens, USB drives, and water bottles. Adding a backpack tote bag ensures recipients have a convenient way to carry their new gear, further extending your brand's reach. Wordans lets you get everything you need for your pack in one place.


Elevate your brand presence with personalised portfolios, padfolios, and office supplies that leave a lasting impression on clients, employees, and partners alike. Experience the convenience of creating customised products that reflect your brand's identity and resonate with your target audience.