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Wordans: Winter Fitness for less than 100£

Winter Fitness for less than 100£

By: Fashionista B

Trying to stay fit throughout this upcoming winter, but you have too small a budget to get a membership? Look no further than Wordans UK! Wordans has a wide selection of exercise equipment and with these items and a solid workout routine, you can be completely ready to show off in the spring.

I have selected a few items that are perfect for creating your home gym without ruining your pocketbook. All these items together only come to 94.06£!

First, is the Just Up Gym Chest Expanders. This wonderful unit attaches to any door. These expanders are used to strengthen your core, back, shoulders and arms. You can do plank pull ups or push ups with this unit. This unit comes with instruction manual, exercised and a transportation bag.

Secondly, you will want something to work your core. The BTK Fitness Wheel gives you an intense core exercise and increased stability. Push the wheel back or forth on your knees or toes to give a full arm, shoulder, and core workout.

Continuing on upper body, the Muscles Up! Pro Pull-up and Exercise Bar. This unit can fit on any basic doorframe and has 6 different holding positions. You can also place it on the floor for push up and sit up support. Work your upper back, arms, chest, and core with this unit.

Finally, to work on toning and full body strength, we have the  BTK Training Kit. This kit includes a durable fitness ball, a weighted ball and several resistant elastics. This unit comes with manual and exercises.

With these four units, you can work on every area of your body. You can build up strength, tone and gain increased flexibility. Get Winter Fitness for less than 100£!

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