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Wordans: OOTD

OOTD – Outfit of the Day

By Fashionista B

Let’s start to look at winter outfits with my OOTD.

A good look this upcoming season, especially with knits in fashion, is to wear long sweaters. There are several ways to jazz up this look, and today have put together my favourite version of this style. This style includes a long knit sweater, tight pants, boots or heels with chunky jewelry to set off the whole look.

My first selection if the Giusta Sweater. This sweater is styled with a basic pattern, with or without pink accents. I like the pink accents, because it adds a subtle touch of feminine colour. It is good to order this sweater a size larger than you would originally buy. This created a flowing styling and also can by jazzed up with a chunky belt.


My second selection is the Annabella Trousers. In order for the flowing sweater look to work, you have to have tight trousers. If they are too baggy then your body loses all form. These trousers come in black or pink. If you choose the pink, than the black pants are the better choice.

Thirdly, I would like to select two styles of boots that can work with this look. The Concetta Ankle Boots and the Pierre Cardin High Boots. Both these selections add a different flair. When you want to wear the OOTD sweater look on the day-to-day, the high boots are a great choice. If you want to wear the sweater look to a fun evening out, than the ankle boots are the better selection.

Finally, to set off this look, seek out a piece of chunky jewelry, like the Panarea Necklace. This necklace has both the grey and black elements of the outfit, and includes just a touch of shiny metal and crystal bling. Generally any large and low hanging pendant will work with this style.

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