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Wordans: Epic Lilac Collection

Wordans ‘Epic Lilac’ Collection

By: Fashionista B

A dining room collection inspired by the poetic epics of history and the colours of royalty. A creation that blends modern styling with the spring tones of lilac.

This dining room collection features worn wood statement pieces on a lilac palette with black modern furniture and accents. Its wood base brings a grounded element to the dining room, the place where families spend quality time over hearty meals. Purple hues add warmth and inspire feelings of relaxation after a long day. The goal of this collection is to place the furniture in a dining room with lilac painted walls.

I begin this collection around this stunning Conrad Hanging Lamp. This lamp has all the elements of an elegant and warm dining room. Its glass accents will cause a wonderful warm glow and the vertical black lamp cover will cast unique vertical shadows throughout the entire space. This lamp is a statement piece, that looks good and creates a unique effect.

Next, I add an important feature, the Craftenwood Poetic Collection Dining Table. This is another unique piece with amazing accents. The table has a rustic grey-wash appearance the works well with the lamp without overshadowing it. It’s detailed legs add a historic touch to this room.


Finally, the chairs! This is where the past meets present. With this collection, I incorporate modernity with a selection of two chairs. The Livingston cushioned and contoured chairs are placed at the head and ends of the table, whilst the Elipse Chairs would have places of prominence on the sides. The blend of modern contouring with the epic contouring of the chair causes a dramatic contrast.

The Epic Lilac Collection can is malleable to any space. Once you place the lilac, wood, and black accents together there is no telling what you can create. Add a bit of flair with a white shaggy carpet or add a colourful purple hued centrepiece to pull the wall colour into the centre of the space. This colour palette can be incorporate additional colours to suit your own personal designs or needs!

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