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Staying Warm

Autumn is approaching 

Change of seasons means a change in your wardrobe. And this season is cold so you need clothes to match. You need to prepare for the cold, the wind and rain.

 What to wear?


The heavyweight of the clothing world, suitable for the outdoors and for the indoors, just on the sofa. Coming in a selection of material from 100% ring-spun to Tri-blend. The ultimate choice for comfort and keeping your warm for these coming months. They are also great for screen printing and customising.

Crewneck Sweater

The most fashionable choice on the list, with the most variety for you to choose from. Whether you are looking to rock the hipster look or looking to pull off something more sleek & professional . The range of style and shapes means you will find something to match your outfit and no matter the occasion.

Baseball sweater

A classic for the US, thinner then the regular sweater but great for wearing indoors and doing everyday activaties in or just to wear underneath your jacket or raincoat. Giving you an active look in colder weather.


If you are looking head outdoors, then the fleece is the most practical choice for you. Providing you with the warmth and the weatherproof-ness needed to brave the wilds, while walking your dog. Coming in a range of materials and thicknesses, allowing you to find the right fleece for your expedition.

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