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Wordans OOTD: Outfit of the Day

By: Fashionista B

It’s Wordans OOTD~ Our Outfit of the Day. I find myself inspired by the Vogue Winter Fashion Styles. This winter season is littered with statement t-shirts, skinny jeans, textiles and fur. The greatest fashion statement piece featured this season is the football scarves, a must-have for every fan.

Today I feature a contemporary look that pulls in all these elements to make a bold statement look.

So, I begin with this versatile shoe, the V 1969 Casper.

It boasts synthetic leather material and a rubber sole. This show, particularly in brown, has that cowboy design but with contemporary cut and buckling. This shoe works with a casual look (like the OOTD) but also works with a business suit.



Secondly, the So Denim SD04 slim jean men’s skinny fit jean. This jean is perfect for showing off your Casper Boots. A great modern fit is a dark jean with tapered legs. This jean is great in the OOTD look but is also able to sub into a business casual look.


The Casual T-shirt with a statement print is the latest modern trend in mens clothing. This trend is extremely versatile as print t-shirts come in a wide selection of styles, statements, and colours. The Trussardi T-shirt sports a bold statement and looks fantastic with the brown Casper shoes and a brown Sparco Belt.



The football team scarf! Finally, your collection of team scarves are in style. Sport your big and bold teams scarf or choose a Result Winter Scarf in your team colours!



Finally, the last piece to the OOTD is a gorgeous tweed inspired coat, the Made in Italia Adolpho Jacket. Flawlessly made in Italy with English style hidden buttons this coat is a grand and versatile statement piece. A back slit allows for layering under the coat with a sweater while keeping its seamless appearance. Altogether, this outfit combines smooth contemporary style, with bold statement accents on the t-shirt and scarf. The versatile elements of the OOTD means these pieces look good alone or together.




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