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Latest Fashion Trends for Winter 2018

Wordans & The Latest Fashion Trends

By: Fashionista B

If you are anything like me, you like to look great in the latest fashion trends but without paying a lot. In order to save you time, I’ve gone through the latest fashions according to Vogue and figured out how to emulate these gorgeous trends, at a fraction of the cost.

So, Vogue Paris recently posted their top runway looks for 2017-2018 Winter. The colour palette is beautiful with the main features being turquoise, pinks, blacks and blues, with just a touch of vintage patterns and prints. With these ideas in mind, I am presenting the following fashion boards that follow these trends, but at a much lower cost.

A Turquoise Touch

First up is the Turquoise look. This look is seen in handbags, coats, dresses and pants. A colour like this isn’t something you need to smother yourself in to get the look, so hints of turquoise in clothing, jewellery and handbags will have you sporting this gorgeous touch of colour in any outfit. Wordans V 1969 Violaine shoes add a touch of Turquoise and Vintage style to your wardrobe, whilst our Trussardi Handbag and Huggot Earrings with Swarovski Crystals add a little flair of Turquoise to any outfit.


Feathers, Feathers and Flow

Feathers, feathers, feathers. This look is all about flowing down the runway. These fashion pieces tend to be extremely delicate and, therefore, have a short life in a closet. Although feathers do provide a dramatic flair, the flowing look is what we are after when emulating this style.

So, choosing sweaters or accessories that are loose fitting and have fringy material gives you a flowing appearance that lasts. Our Silvian Heach Sweaters have nice touches of fringe.


Working Girl

The Working Girl look was all over the runway! Skirts, suits, pants all with black and grey tones and hot colour highlights. This look is extremely easy to obtain and is also versatile. Choose a coat with a dark colour tone, like black or dark grey, and wear it over a bright t-shirt, dress shirt or sweater and pair it with a pencil skirt or pants to rock this look.

Firstly, the Skopes double pocket Chloe jacket is as essential to any woman’s wardrobe. Its slightly tapered waist, double button and pocket flair give it a designer touch. Our Brook Taverner skirt is a great choice for any wardrobe. Fitted from waist to below the knee, this skirt makes you look sophisticated and exotic. You can also try a larger fit jacket with this pencil skirt to give your body more form.

Cozy Knit

I am so happy that the cosy knit is in this year!! There is nothing more comfortable than a knit sweater because it beats the cold weather in style. Cosy knits can be worn in 3 styles.

The first style is a basic wrap, like our Sylvian Heach grey wrap. This style is when the knit sweater is complementing your daily outfit. The second style, here featured as our Fontana Giusta, is wearing the knit as your shirt. This style works best with colour knits and can be done with numerous styles. Wear a long knitted shirt with tights and heels, or over jeans and sneakers. The last knit style is the heavy knit, like our Fontana Lara. This works as an overcoat style. Can feature bright buttons and can be placed overtop a basic outfit with dark or patterned pants, heels or boots.

Pretty in Pink

Pinks are back in style! Unlike our turquoise look, create this trend as a full look or sported in accessories. Furthermore, the pink look will bring a bit of beautiful sunset to cold winter days. A great way to rock this look is to wear pink styled accents on a dark backdrop. My featured outfit is our Fontana Viliana Sweater, with our Pierre Cardin shoulder bag, our vintage styled Gemma Shoes, and a touch of pink dangling jewellery like the Huggot mosaic pendant.


Dark Hues and Blues

Probably the easiest look this season is dark blue hues and black. I am always a fan of mixing colours with black since it always seems to magnify a colour statement. This trend is the easiest of all to recreate as your wardrobe is likely to have pieces already. Here are some great items ideas that can add to this look: a Premier Scarf can flare up any outfit, Just Cavalli sunglasses with both black and blue colouring, V 1969 Thecle Shoes with double ankle strap, and finally our Fontana 2.0 Coat. Well there you have it, the latest fashion trends available to everyone!


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