Do you know how to choose the best T-shirt for you?

There are so many T-shirts in the mass market and in online websites. But how to choose the right one that fits the best for you?
Here we will provide you with some TIPs for you to be more fashionable and trendy:

– Neckline. V-neck or Crew-neck? To choose the T-shirt neckline, you have to take into consideration the proportions of your body and face and of course, your preferences.

The Crewneck T-shirt (also known as the Round neck) is an item you can wear underneath a sweater or a jumper. It is also good if you are slim and have sloping shoulders. The crewneck makes people pay more attention to your top part of the body and makes your shoulders look more squared. Therefore, you will look broader and therefore, this will make you more proportionally.

The V-neck T-shirt is a good choice for wearing it undershirt because if you unbutton from the top it will not be visible. If you are larger, then V-neck will make its ´slimming effect´ and prolongs your neck. Finally, it will make a balance with rounded face and body proportions.

– Weight. The weight also makes a lot of difference. This point is good to consider if you are thinking about the customization of the product. With lighter tees, it is more problematic to do it. But there are printing techniques, especially for this small weight. Usually, the more T-shirt weights, the better the quality and therefore, better for personalization. On our website, you can see this information in the description of the product.

– Shape. Choose neither too loose nor too tight one. With a big one, you will look like a penguin and usually, it makes you look without any silhouette and shape. Whereas, with a too-tight one you will first, feel not comfortable (especially during summer) and secondly, it could be even harmful.

– Length. The T-shirt should not be longer than your hips. Otherwise, it cuts your height and it simply doesn’t look very nice (just only if you want to add some street style in your outfit). The perfect length would the one that covers your waistband.

– Fabric. The ideal material for T-shirts is 100% cotton but 50/50 can also work. The more synthetic fiber it contains, the less it is comfortable. But if you are looking for sportswear, T-shirts with special synthetic will wick away the sweat and are more breathable.

– Shoulder seams. The last but not the least, shoulder seams have to end exactly where your shoulders are.

So, to sum up, the choice of T-shirts is all up to you. But if you want to highlight the advantages of your body and hide flaws, you have to keep in mind our suggestions. With basic cloth like T-shirt you always can make a balance with your body and face proportions. On our website, you can find a wide variety of colours, sizes, styles of T-shirts!

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